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Hyaluron Pen: The New Magic Wand for a Beautiful You Today & Tomorrow

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart and of course medical science!

Not convinced? Well,hyaluron pen is the proof. For all the initiated and uninitiated, a hyaluronic injection pen is more than one can imagine. It is relatively a new device in the field of biomedical science and engineering that has helped to change individual’s beauty and demeanor at once.

When a Pen is Mightier than Sword..Err a Needle

Over the past few years, there is a yearning of having a perfect pout. A lot of women, especially, want to enhance their lips just as a sign of individuality for self-love is no harm. According to statistics, if one is satisfied with her appearance, one can ride on a high confidence level. All these factors have created a rage for lip enhancement. .

Even in the recent past, lip enhancement was synonymous with the stringent process of surgery. However, with the emergence of products like hyaluron pen gun, things got better. One can get pout-perfect lips within seconds and that too without the involvement of any needle!

Addition info about the device

To start with, it is a simple device with smart features allowing penetration of hyaluronic acid mixture without the direct use of any needle. A lot of celebrities are using this unique tool to bolster their look with ease.
It device exerts immense pressure to insert the potion into the dermis of lips. But unlike the cheap products available in the market, this pen doesn’t spread the acid mixture superficially on the skin.

It follows the principle of mesotherapy to augment the lips without hurting the individual.

This hyaluronic injection pen provides a temporary result to users- which means, one doesn’t need to play along with the originality.

Upon quick administration of the vital liquid, a person can see the transform within no time and that too without any distortion.

Now, this is something legit cool stuff!

That being said, it is time to take a tour into its way of mechanism and other essential features. Read on:

Know about the Mechanism

Before delving into the mechanism of a hyaluronic injection pen, one should be well-versed with its parts to have a better grasp. The pen typically consists of the following parts:

Connecting pipe
Start button
Pressurized handle

On the pen, there is a hole, microscopic in nature. As per the information drawn from leading manufacturers, the hole is 2x times smaller than the diameter of a needle. In fact, it is this very hole via which bio revitalizes and hyaluronic acid are administered in the cells of the lips. Therefore, unlike the ordinary lip enhancing injections, these pens allow seamless entry of necessary cosmetic drugs to reap maximum benefits.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is another important part, which a user should be aware of and it’s the special piston which remains attached with a spring. To be specific, this piston makes the administration process easier and more convenient for any user.


Designed with a minimalistic vision, this needleless injection is made up of stainless steel, porcelain or even aluminum alloy.

Skilled engineers after multiple brainstorming sessions and experiments decide on the primary material to avoid any side effects.

This lightweight hyaluronic injection pen weighs around 400 gm and is usually available in a gamut of colors and unique models keeping the same functionality.

The best part is that one can use this device for approximately 10,000+ injections. That’s quite a good number to be true!

Moreover, considering its user-friendly design, it is very easy to operate. With the presence of the in-built self-powered spring, one can enjoy professional lip augmentation at the comfort of home.

Some Important FAQ

What is the mode of operation?

The modus operation is certainly no rocket science. Users need to follow a few steps mentioned below:

Firstly, a user needs to twist and turn the dosimeter to take out the rod of a syringe.

Now, the person needs to fill the syringe with the potion. Once done, it should be put back on the pen. The immediate move to press the handle to exert appropriate pressure and adjust the calibration as per the requirement.

The last step is to press the same and get started.

Quite an easy task with zero hassle!

What are the advantages?

These are the some pragmatic ones:

his hyaluron pen can be effectively used to augment lips without any side effects. Needless to say, the end result is always aesthetically pleasing.

It can be also used as a contour plasty of wrinkles to improve the fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, the pen holds importance to do the modeline contour for an ultimate eclectic look and confidence.

The nanoscale molecules render impeccable cosmetic effect with several other benefits like skin softening, full hydration, and miniaturization.

Does this pen come with a patent?

Of course yes!

Every hyaluronic injection pen comes with a proper and authorized patent. Reputable manufacturers, moreover, also provide ODM, OEM, & OBM services for an ease-of-availability. So, when it comes to the authenticity of these devices, sticking to any esteemed manufacturer seems to be a safer bet. Period!

Is the pen exorbitant in price?

The answer is no!

A hyaluronic injection pen is absolutely a cost-effective medical cosmetic device. For those who want to invest in such equipment can settle for any superior manufacturer with the capacity to deliver products in bulk.

Final Thought

If you ain’t happy with your lips, it’s absolutely fine to go for the augmentation process with a hyaluron pen gun. So, instead of paying heed to the rumors, get yourself such a device manufactured by companies like Lesen Beauty that has helped to shape the biomedical industry with its incredible offerings. Companies of these sorts having CE certification served such products in bulk with substantial warranty period and full customization.

So, be it for your business needs or the holistic purpose of self-love, irrespective of the cause, go for this needle-free equipment to immerse in the saga of self-care. The best way to get confidence is to enhancing self love and doing what you love.

What are you waiting for? Get started right away!

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