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Portable Beauty Device: A Way to Triumph over Age and its Sign with Ease

Small is the new big in 2019 and also in the upcoming years. For the world and its people are moving to an era of portability! Portable fridge, air conditioner, home, and now its portable beauty device.

Contemplating? Well, it’s another wonder of medical science and engineering! Considering the increasing popularity in medical cosmetics and its invention, the introduction of portable beauty equipment is of utmost importance. And of course for all the good reasons.

The primary idea behind the portable facial machine of this sort is to render the best beauty treatment with the ease of carrying and using. Therefore, getting an unblemished appearance is a hassle-free process now.

More on the Device

A portable device for beauty needs is the latest resort to say goodbye to all sorts of skin-related woes. With the pace of ageing, several side effects are seen in an individual which is inevitable. As a consequence, wrinkles, saggy skin, dullness, etc. are common.

Portable beauty instruments of these kinds come with multiple functions to curb down the effects of ageing. With the aid of electro-vacuum pressure technology, this machine can lift and massage skin for the best benefits. Needless to mention, it takes a lot of hard work and brain churning experiments before making the items available for the mass.

However, you can play along with your age with the advent of technology. A portable beauty device is a piece of smart and utility equipment that can reverse the visible effects of age with ease. You can get flawless skin without any invasive procedure.

The Research and Development department of any reputable manufacturer conduct a good number of quality tests to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Tying up with this, if you are inspired to capitalize on this device, it’s time to take a tour on its important features and functions.


This portable beauty device comes with a plethora of benefits. On the very first point, it augments the face and provides visible firming and lifting effects. Regular use can reduce the existing double chin within a span of few days. This ensures that there is no need of surgery or other invasive treatments to be flawless. However, experts suggest that people who have eczema should avoid using this device.

Coming back to the benefits, if you favour light skin, this device has something to offer. It helps to reduce the production of melanin and reduce scars. Moreover, breakouts and blackheads are no more an issue once you embrace the device.

Important features to look for

Some of the most amazing features of portable beauty devices are:

Usually, the equipment comes with the following parts- power button, led lamps, display screen, strength monitoring button, electrode head, and electrode sidebar. There is no denying that each of them has unique functions to serve. Some of them are discussed below.

As the name suggests, this machine is completely compact in size and be carried even when you are travelling. A portable beauty device can weigh between 100 gm to 200 gm.

It comes with a chargeable battery and is made up of high-quality ABS+ steel. The primary benefit of this material is that it is flexible with high strength and high-temperature resistant capacity.

For example, the LED lamps remain on the device in two colours namely red and blue. The red LED lamp aids in removing acne and other anti-inflammatory actions. On the other hand, the blue light has a bit of passive action as it helps to soothe the facial skin. This is seemingly effective if you have hypersensitive skin.

Moreover, this beauty equipment blends both the techniques of electroporation and mesotherapy seamlessly to create a spellbinding effect to ameliorate the signs of ageing. This unique technique is known as mesoporation.

Modes of Function


Common yet one of the most-effective modes of function you can see in this device. Vibrations for facial treatment is no less than nursing to activate the cells with mild wave shapes.

Radiofrequency therapy

Also known as RF therapy, it is an aesthetic technique that triggers subdermal collagen production to restore the elasticity of one’s face. For your information, this process is FDA-cleared and perfectly safe as it adapts electricity for being gentle on the facial tissues. Apart from doing away with wrinkles and fine lines, the process also helps in detoxification of the cells and improves circulation to a large extent.


Electric muscle stimulation is another popular therapy that usually comes with this portable beauty device to strengthen the facial muscles. Precisely, it creates a secondary muscle movement, which, in turn, helps in restoring the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Apart from muscle toning, this mode of function also helps in face lifting without any need for surgery.

Mico-massage therapy

This is basically an ultrasound method that accelerates skin metabolism to render a lifting effect. Furthermore, micro-massage therapy helps in improving lymph circulation and tissue trophic to combat the signs of ageing.

Imperative Insights

In market you will several brands promising portable devices at a cheap price. Don’t be a prey to such a trick. Honestly speaking, a portable facial device can never be obtained at a dirt-cheap cost. Therefore, you should be extra cautious while investing your hard-earned bucks in such a product.

Do a little bit of market research before making the final purchase decision. Manufacturers like Lesen Beauty has been ruling the market around the globe by offering portable devices at a competitive price. With OEM, ODM, and OBM services, this brand offers nothing but the best.

Bottom Line

So, if you are planning to buy this equipment in bulk for business needs or personal use, settle for a reputable brand. Given that said, redefine yourself and your beauty with less effort and low price. Regain your confidence by eliminating those annoying fine lines, stubborn fat and dull cells. Time to revive the life to the fullest.

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